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Parents are always on the move and smartphone usage has become a regular part of their daily routines. From grocery lists to scheduling, parents depend on phones and apps to help them through many aspects of their day-day lives. Why not provide them with an all in one? a comprehensive, school/child care center resource on the go and right at their fingertips? Through a custom day care app for your school or child care center you can offer users....

Customized For Your Center Or School

H2H Marketing offers a fully customized solution to match your organization's branding, goals and student needs!

Features Include:

  • Show your school spirit through a custom layout and design
  • We customize the functionality to make sure that we deliver tools that help you better communicate with parents & students
  • Built with your goals in mind
  • Your daycare app will be easy to use and all updates are made in real time 24/7/365
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Why Is A Daycare App Important To Your Center Or School?

Simple, over 90% of parents have their phones on them over 95% of the time. Having an up to date daycare app is the perfect way to keep them in the know on the go, any time, anywhere. Having a custom daycare app for your school or center gives your brand 2-way communication with parents and/or students. Here are some ways that a daycare app can benefit your school or center.

Instant notifications - Push messages to parents, students, and app users when your center or school has a closing, delay, or change of schedule.

e-Forms - Collect absentee forms, waivers, permission slips, sign up forms, enrollment forms and more directly through your center’s custom daycare app.

Daily sheets - We can integrate daily sheets functionality into your daycare app. Make it easy for staff to input daily sheets and daily child details into an easy to use format. Parents can view daily information anytime, anywhere, using the app.

Center information, rules, guidelines, and info - Provide parents up to date center resources directly through the app. Once you update data into the app (or request that H2H Marketing update this information), the data is updated through the front end user interface.

Much more - There are so many features and options with our daycare app design that we cannot list them all. Contact H2H Marketing for more information or to schedule your custom daycare app demo.

High Engagement

Saves Money

Custom Branding

Daycare Apps For Parents Customized For Your Center or Brand

We offer daycare apps for parents built by parents. H2H Marketing has over nine years of experience in designing, developing, and deploying successful daycare apps built with parents in mind. We will design a daycare app for your center that is easy to use, modernized with up to date features such as daily sheets, cross-platform notifications, digital absentee forms, and so much more. Parents are busy, so make sure that your app is designed to help parents to easily access information, tools, and resources and utilities that help them feel just a click away from their child at any given moment. With thousands of downloads in both Android and IOS, our custom branded daycare apps for parents and daycare centers are powerful tools in maintaining a meaningful connection between parents and your daycare center.

Feature Highlights

Real Time Messaging

Offer parents a dedicated way to receive up to date closings, schedule changes, form submission deadlines all with real time alerts!

Features Include:

  • Messages reach parents within minutes
  • Alerts users through a push/text message alert
  • Location based message targeting
  • Build subscription levels for different types of messaging
  • Attach messages to forms and app tabs to remind parents of deadlines in an actionable way!
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Forms With e-Signature

Collect forms in person, or on the go all through your daycare app!

Features Include:

  • Parents can send absentee or any other form in under 3 clicks
  • Almost any PDF form can be converted into a e-signature form
  • Form submissions come electronically directly through your daycare app for easy online access and storage
  • Saves on paper costs and clutter, go green!
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Tuition Payment Collection

Collect student tuition directly through your childcare center's custom app!

Features Include:

  • Parents can pay student tuition quickly and easily all in under 3 clicks
  • Users can save their credit card information for ease of use
  • Send in app reminder messages to improve tuition collection times
  • Increases overall cash management and payment collection times
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Daycare Marketing Material Included

Daycare marketing material is an essential part of a successful daycare app integration strategy. Parents are on the go, so making sure that you have a daycare app for parent communication, notification, and involvement can give your daycare a competitive edge when parents are considering daycare for their children. H2H Marketing will provide you will a full suite of daycare marketing material including marketing flyers, door signs, website banners, and much more. The successful deployment and ongoing utilization of your daycare app is important to us, when you win, we do too. Contact us today for a free custom daycare app demo for your daycare center.

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